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Finding rival

Finding rival with algorithms for friendly matches is the easiest and the most effective way that has existed.
Different rival search systems bring the world to your feet.

According to criterions
According to location
Acording to statistics(Soon)

Search the rivals proffesionally that you will make friendly match.
Which teams are available for friendly match? Who is camping where? How far from you? Which leagues are out of season?
Know it! Find rival according to your requirements.
Football; national teams, women&men teams and all under age categories.

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Camp Program

Manage your preparation stage with Make your camp program in a more structured way.

Where is the camp? When is it starting?
With whom are you going to make friendly match?
Is the friendly match that you have played suitable for you?
Which regions do other teams prefer for camping?

See the way of action of preparation stage of leauges and teams with statistical datas. Add your datas to the calendar, make your camp stage professional.


Enter your friendly match datas.
Using's unique statistics make your preseason stage more fertile.
How many people watched your match?
In which country, against which leauge team did you play?
How many matches are the other teams making? Are there any TV broadcast?
When are they coming into the season? How many days do they continue to the preparation stage?
Conpare your statistics with other teams. See your shortages..
Arrange more quality matches. Your matches shall take place in betting bulletins. Increase your recognition, find new sponsors.
Make preparation stage profitable.

Why PreseasonMatch?

Thanks to the PreSeasonMatch, the teams find a chance to play with the teams, which is not they are obliged to play but they choose according to their location, criteria and statistical datas.

Rapid and Practical

It has never been so easy to find a rival and organize a match.


PreSeason is the most important thing for the teams. PreSeasonMatch offers an opportunity of systematic preparation.


It is the first application in the sport sector.


PreSeasonMatch is the most innovative way of finding a rival.


PreSeasonMatch removes negotiaters between you and other teams and keeps costs down.

Includes Opportunities

It offers the possibility of reaching to thousands of teams around the World.

PreseasonMatch With Numbers

PreseasonMatch is the only rival search engine in the World. For this unique application Join now and start finding a rival.



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Under Teams

Women's Football Teams

National Teams

Our Services

PreseasonMatch is a platform that gives collective service to sport teams, fans, audience and companies.


Is a platform to find a rival for friendly matches.


Friendly match operations are organized by PreseasonMatch arbitrarily.


PreseasonMatch aims to find a sponsor for the matches that is planned to be played. Besides, it offers opportunities to the sponsor firms for making a name.


Together with its expert team, it advertizes your friendly matches on social media. In addition to this, it aims to give support about marketing of your friendly matches for TV channels.


It is an application that is compatible with all devices.(Tablet, I-phone, I-pad, Android)

Unique Content

It collects everything about friendly matches and camps in one platform. It offers a rich and unique content to the fans for the time left from official matches.

Continuous Improvement

PreseasonMatch’s work progress squad are steadily working on exciting Technologies to improve the platform and your PreseasonMatch experience.


It has options of English, German and Turkish language. In the ongoing process, as an additional to these languages; French, Portuguese and Spanish languages will be served.

7/24 Tech Support

PreseasonMatch Tech Support Team guides you 7/24.